Beechwood and Glyndebourne

So, another wonderful opera season draws to a close at Glyndebourne and we at Beechwood are very pleased to continue our association in providing luxury accommodation for the many opera visitors. We always aim to offer relaxation, unrivalled quality and care both in the lead up to guests attendance at Glyndebourne and their return to Beechwood. The season runs from the end of May through to August Bank Holiday with a range of popular and slightly more obscure operas alternating throughout each week. It’s always a joy to see our guests leaving for Glyndebourne dressed in all their finery with gentlemen in black tie and tuxedos and ladies in evening gowns. Bearing in mind the current weather situation in East Sussex (scorching unbroken sunshine) the prospect of enjoying a sumptuous picnic during the interval must be very desirable and for those enjoying the Glyndebourne restaurants, they can always be guaranteed amazing service and food. Many stay for 2 nights and enjoy a filling, beautifully presented breakfast before attending the opera. Most are overcome by the combination of food on offer both with us and Glyndebourne and opt for just a light breakfast on the morning after! It’s such a shame that June was such a wet month as it makes attending Glyndebourne very difficult but it didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of our guests at the time.

Of course, in the not too distant future is the touring Glyndebourne season. This begins at Glyndebourne on Friday 14th October with 13 dates ending on 3rd November and then moving to Milton Keynes, Canterbury, Norwich, Woking and ending on 10th December in Plymouth. The tour performances will be Don Giovanni, Madame Butterfly and Saul and although the occasions are less glamorous (normal day suits are acceptable) and tickets are generally cheaper, the performances themselves are certainly on a par with the summer season.

Naturally we are available to offer our usual quality accommodation for people wanting to bask in such culture at Glyndebourne. So hurry – book your tickets and book your accommodation at Beechwood to get the best of both worlds  ……