A Green Tourism award demonstrates a commitment to People, Places and our Planet

All our members are on a green journey, with Green Tourism at their side. Their achievements are reflected in the grading level they display – Bronze, Silver or Gold

Our approachable, highly-qualified advisors are on hand to provide expert knowledge and guidance to all Green Tourism members, so they can progress on this journey. Guidance covers all aspects of sustainability, from energy and water efficiency, waste management and biodiversity to social and ethical choices.

Our advisors visit each member every two years to assess them against a range of criteria relevant to their business type, and award a grading as follows.

Bronze – Committed, GoodGT generic bronze

    • Some ethical or green purchasing such as fair trade coffee and local sourcing
    • Low energy lighting in most areas and good general recycling
    • Promotes local public transport or car-free activities such as walking and cycling
    • Has a green co-ordinator working to reduce impacts in all key areas.

Silver – Progressive, Excellent

    • Shares its values in going green to both staff and customersGT generic silver
    • Significant use of recycled products as well as recycling to close the loop
    • Sources supplies from ethical and/or local area extensively and is working to green its whole supply chain
    • Energy and water efficiency are key issues. Evidence of heating and lighting changes to become more efficient
    • Monitoring of resource use such as energy, water and waste is helping to deliver significant changes.

Gold – Inspirational, Outstanding

    • Achieving the highest standards of sustainability with a strong, broad ethos and excellent practices throughoutGT generic gold
    • Uses the latest technologies, from LED lighting to efficient boilers and renewables.
    • Efficient control of resource use and can demonstrate effective monitoring with targets for savings.
    • Green procurement includes sustainable fish/meat sources, a range of ethical products and working with local suppliers to provide fresh, local and often organic items
    • Changes in working practices, bringing significant benefits to the business, community and supply chain.

Our Award Winning Breakfast Menu



Beechwood are happy to announce that we now have been awarded the GOLD accreditation 2017 for being green and environmentally friendly.Congratulations, Beechwood B&B has achieved a Gold level resulting from your Green Tourism visit on 04/11/2017.
Beechwood is becoming a more Eco friendly B and B.
The GTBS is the leading sustainable tourism certification scheme in the UK. Businesses opting to join are assessed by a qualifed grading advisor against a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, like energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more.
Businesses that meet the required standard, receive a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award based on their level of achievement. The current network of members is comprised of a wide range of business types, including accommodation providers, visitor attractions, corporate of ces and others.
The Green Tourism Business Scheme website has details and links to our members, partners and destinations. There is also information on the criteria, case studies, news, and background to the scheme. This information can be accessed at:
We encourage all of our guests to be as green as possible too.

21 solar panels fitted to south roof for electricitc
Power saving lights throughout.
Wood burner in lounge.
Thermostatic controls fitted to all radiators.
A rated appliances are bought.
Boiler maintenance.
Water efficient washing machine (30 minute cycle).
Water butts outside front and back to water flowers.
Monitoring of water ( signs in all rooms to save water).
Monitoring waste and Recycling.
Monitoring travel and transport.
Green information available to customers.
Totally non-smoking.
Green laundry practices.
Roof insulation.
Triple glazing fitted all upstairs last year. Double glazing downstairs.
Power downs fitted to Tv’s and computers, so if left on standby will switch off in 30 seconds.
Natural products used for cleaning (chlorine free).
All plastics, cardboard and bottles recycled weekly.
Locally produced food and drink. Fair Trade (downloadable Word document 12mb).
Everything is done electronically to save paper.
All batteries are re-chargeable.
Use less paper in marketing.
Electrical items/mobile phones all re-cycled.
Information on public transport, and walks.
Cycle hire information. We now carry a spare supply of cycling goodies , i.e. spare inner tubes, pumps, water bottles, encouraging cyclists to our area.
Car free activities.
Garden. wildlife encouraged. All trees in garden planted to encourage wild- life. Information available about nature related attractions. The garden is mulched every year with recycled wood chips. Old railway sleepers have been used to extend the decking.
Bird food containers around the garden. Letter box used every year for nesting. Postman encouraged not to use letter box during nesting time.
Towels and bedding signs in rooms, to encourage guests to decide when they need bedding and towels changed.
Bins in all rooms are emptied according to the waste to be re-cycled.
We have a downloadable brochure.
High levels of insulation throughout the property.
Using raw materials.
We use re-cycled toilet paper.
Lights outside are on a sensor to switch off after 60 seconds, or are solar powered.