Lewes Bonfire 5th of November

Thirty thousand or more spectators annually trek to the small Sussex town of Lewes, where Guy Fawkes’ treasonous plot of 1605 and 17 Protestant martyrs in the mid 1500s are still commemorated by six Bonfire Societies. Massive processions follow separate routes through the town, which is closed to all traffic for the events, with participants dressed in wonderful varieties of costumes or striped smugglers’ sweaters carrying burning brands or pulling flaming tar barrels. It all ends with each society’s giant bonfire and fireworks displays attempting to outdo each other. Watch for free curb side, or buy a ticket to the various bonfire sites. Illustrated programmes available on the street in the days beforehand. Not for the faint of heart, the young or the infirm, but for the rest a once in a lifetime spectacle that is the biggest November 5th celebration in the country.